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      One time.. at church camp


I met Adam through my best friend who lived down the street from him..i was very naive at the time..i didn't`t know what they were doing behind my back. this was before i invited him to a church lock-in/camp. when i first saw Chris..i was totally in love. i thought my heart was going to come right out of me chest it was pounding so hard! at first he hung out with my best friend Beth, but then we started to talk and found out we had almost everything in common. throughout the night we had fun just talking and playing games. that morning he sent me a text message asking me if i wanted to come outside and was about 7 in the morning and everyone was still asleep. so we sat on a porch swing and he put his arm around me. i put my head on his shoulder while we swung together. i had tremendous feelings for him! i didn't`t think he really knew this until he said. "come with me". i reached for his hand and got off the swing all the while he was smiling at me. he looked pretty devious and i laughed. we went behind the actual church itself and he looked down at me..i was rather nervous because i`we only kissed one other guy and it wasn't`t very long. he put his head on mine and brushed my hair back behind my ears. he sighed..i sighed. the moment couldn't`t`t have been greater. he leaned in and kissed me so passionately! he lifted my shirt alittle and slid one hand over my back and then around to my stomach. it gave me butterflies so bad! the kissing was getting more intense as if he knew exactly what i wanted him to do. he put his hands on my chest and lifted my shirt off. i took his right off him as soon as i could. i wont go into detail but it was amazing! we were all over each other i couldn't`t believe i didn't`t caught by the counselors. we stayed in touch for about 8 months then he asked me out. we were together for alittle while then i broke up with him because he wasn`t paying any attention to me. two months later we talked about it and decided to go out again. it didnt take long until he messed it up again. but that was my story for when i was at church camp.


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