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      Life Moves on!


ird Love StoryThere are three characters in the play; one is Kelly, second one is Dean and the third one is Shelly. Dean and Kelly are best friends in high school; they know each other for a long time. Kelly and Dean  happens to like each other. Dean and Kelly’s life changes when Shelly walks in their life. Kelly: - Are you going to Prom?Dean:   - Yes I m, would you go with meKelly:   - ofcourse man, I love youDean: -   I love u to, oh well see you there..!Kelly: - Okay... (Smiles) The day of prom, when Dean and Kelly are at the dance, Dean got attracted to one of the beautiful girl at the prom. He happens to really like her. Dean: – Hey (nervous)... You’re beautifulShelly: - Thank you, so are you…Dean: - so you have a manShelly: - No...(Winks) I m all singleDean: - you’re my lucky lady...Shelly: - Shell we?Dean: – yes of course (they dance and dance)(Kelly comes out of no where, looking absolutely stunning) Kelly: - Dean? (Shocked)Dean: - (to Shelly) what ever she’s just a friend)Kelly: - I can’t believe what I m seeing today… (She started to cry)(Kelly walks away)Kelly:– (to her self) I can’t believe, he never loved me, I can’t believe I was  wrong, I had all the wrong dreams and  had all the wrong hopes. I can’t believe it; I just can’t believe it… (She keeps crying, she sits on the bench)(She was crying and another guy walks in her life, who is quite good looking) Unknown: – Hey!Kelly: - (still crying)... hiUnknown: – don’t be sad, I know everything about you…Kelly: – you do (wipes her tears)Unknown: - well you see Kelly, life moves, on. This is a good opportunity        to tell you how much I love you; I want you to move on with meKelly: - well I guess life move on, if not Dean, then you, maybe God has sent you for me... (Smiles) (After few days, Dean tried to talk to Kelly)Dean: – Kelly?Kelly: – Fuck off, just get away from me, I hate youDean: - Kelly Kelly KellyKelly: - (she walks away without even saying anything)  Always love the one who loves you!     


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