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      A lost love


It was orientation day for high school, when i first saw this boy. He was tall, dark and handsome.


Straight away i was captivated by him, and i was absolutely thrilled when we ended up in the same class. we became close friends very quickly and soon we he liked me too. But when he asked me out during a P.E class in yr 8 i said no because i was never had a boyfriend before.


Not long after this his father died and no one saw him for awhile, he came back to school the next year, much taller and even more handsome. I was currently then going out with one of his friends, but as soon as i saw him my feelings came back, and the relationship with his friend didn't last much longer.


We spoke occasionally through year 9, but during yr 10 it was a different story, we were in different classes and lost contact. i used to sit down at lunch and just watch him in a distance playing basketball.


Now we are both almost 18,he has a girlfriend and many more admirers. i see him around in town, looking as gorgeous as ever! sometimes we make eye-contact and smile. Little things remind me of him and i so wish i could have told him how i felt and saved all this regret.




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