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      True love


Ago some 9 years I learnt what love is. The person with whom I am in love was the person who i noticed. It was likethat. Nine years ago i attene a school and it was my first day in this school. All pupiles were their and i was sitting in the first line near the teacher. My first thought of the school wa sit is okay. He came in and i at first i didnīt notice him. After a while i stang up because my techer called my name and when I turned back i saw him and my heart was flipping. At first i didnīt know what happen with me. Everyday

was for me like wow and so about 2 months later he was together with a friend of mine. When i heard about it I wasnīt angry that he i swith her together. Thats littel bit crazy and this was the time  that i forget him. My life was okay i also was happy but for me wasnīt important if he is here or not. it was okay but then after 2 years i dont know what happen. I canīt explain it. I fall in love wiht him that was the time and i canīt forget him. I was in this time in India and when i came back it happen. I wa standing on the stationa nd he was also their. he wa talkiing with me an dit was okay. Behind me their was a wall and i was standing with my back to teh wall and he came and put his one arm on teh left side and teh other on the rigth side. I try to dont look in his eys but he was talking with me and so i had to look in his eyes. He was talking with me and his eyes were shining ang smiling i didnīt know why. But it was like that if he wanted to say something to  me. I canīt forget it. Lot king of things happen to me but i was not able to understand it but now. Bytheway he is and was the most famous boy in the school and all girls were in love with him. I was a simple shy and a not girl with aa perfect figure. Now i am in the 6th form and i changed completly. I am 18 now and i try everything to forget him but nothing helps. So that is love i think. I mean i know everything from the past 9 yeras. But now it is too late to say him that i love you and you are my true love and my firts love. I had to many things that I can tell you but I canīt. Today is the 7.6.07 and i am still in love with him and i know all details that happen. When i will meet him i will say him that and i also want to know if he was in love with me or not. I love him and he is my true and first love of my life.

His name is OLIVER and mine is MANDIP :) :) :) :) :) :)


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