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      Foreign Love


I love him more than life itself. We met in Indonesia, in June 2006 and instantly made a connection. At first, we were really shy towards each other but hang out more. At first, we could barely communicate because he can't speak English and I couldn't speak in Indonesian. We became boyfriend and girlfriend on  July 1, 2007 but I went back to Australia the day after. We kissed, told each other our feelings for each other and promised to stay in touch. Galih and I SMSed and I occassionally called him while I was back in Australia, and I learnt to speak fluently in Indonesian so that we would communicate. Day by day, we missed each other more and more, and fell more in love. Galih and I were in separate countries for 7 months, and met again when I moved to Indonesia in January 2007. We fell in love even more, got to know each other, commnicated, learnt more about each other... Galih and I realized that this is true love. We talked about our future together and we made promises. I returned to Australia in July 2007 but I planned to come back to Indonesia every year to see him. I will finish school and I will go to University in 2009 to get a teaching degree. After I get the degree, I will move to Indonesia again to teach English and I will live with Galih. We have talked about getting married and having children when I move to Indonesia forever. I can't see myself with any other guy, and I know in my heart that he is THE ONE. I don't want to be with anyone else, and I can't imagine life without Galih. I have never and will never feel the same way about anyone else, this is so real and so true. Galih and I will stay strong, loyal and patient, and wait it out until we can finally be together again. I will love Dio Galih Aditya forever, and I won't give up.


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