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      Cheated on from the start


This story is in response to "I Got What I Deserved."

She was the one I trusted, the one I chose to spend the rest of my life with. Even though we didn't have much of anything, I thought that the love would last forever. However, not even 5 months after we were engaged, she admitted to being with someone else. I thought that everyone makes mistakes and decided to give things another chance.

We were staying in a hotel, that I was paying for out of my pocket. How was I repayed for this act by her sleeping w/someone in that room and being accused of doing the same.

October of '98, we were now married for 5 months. She decides after being w/someone one night that we wants to be with him while claiming to still love me and eventually moved in with him.

This story of heartache is not meant to hurt this person but just to tell the story just how it is. I had chances to date other people but she was the one I wanted to be with.

I was cheated on more than 1-3 times, even four, but it finally reached the point, that I could not take it anymore.


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