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      The Battle for Loves


     I am totally in love with this guy and everyone I know, knows it. He makes my heart flip and twirl with joy and happiness and butterflies flutter throughout my whole body, just at the thought of him, yet four people have opted to try to destroy our love with interferences'.

     One person being my ex-friend Rebecca, who's chosen to try to pry Adam away from me. In one way I'm thankful for her interference, being that she's testing Adam's loyalty to me. Yet I am sort of peeved at her because she was one of my closest friends. She's tried to steal Adam through emails, texts, gifts, and pure attraction, yet Adam firmly tells' her "No thanks, I love Lillian more".

     One of the people, also being an ex, Jake, also tried to brake us apart. He came to school one day and bet Adam that he could kick his ass in a fight and if he did he would win me. Adam who sort of hated Jake since he cheated on me and it had made me sad, was all for it and ended up kicking Jake's ass. I got peeved when I heard the fight was about me and made Adam promise he wouldn't fight over me any more. Yet this was only the second major interference in our relationship.   

     Another person being Dylan, my step brother's friend. For three weeks he kept on grabbing me and trying to kiss and make-out with me, yet every time I slapped him and told him that I was taken by someone who's actually hot AND nice. Yet he still tried to get me to leave Adam for him. After about a month of this Adam got really mad at Dylan and went over to him and asked him what the hell he was trying to do and after his obnoxious answer of "Trying to making-out with Lillian. Why does it bother you she's just a girl?" Adam then beat him up and I got mad at Adam, since he knows I don;t like it when he beats up people over me. I ignored his calls for a few weeks and when he finally realized he had fucked up big time he ended up coming over with a huge teddy bear and card asking for forgiveness. And I forgave him again.

     The last major interferror, my step-mom, Sherral. When she married my dad, she got on my case about dating at such an early age of eleven and having a BMI of only 16.4. She tried to ground me and supervise every move I made, and make me a fatty. Yet in return, I stoped eating and talking at home, until my dad made her give up, since I could take care of myself. Now thirteen and still inlove with Adam, we've both had to fight many battles in the name of love, yet we've made it this far. So anyone reading this never give up when people interferre with your love life, I haven't and Adan and I haven't been happier.









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