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      A Tearful Life


So my story isn't quite normal. You see, I'm 16 going to high school, take dance class, do normal stuff...... but I'm gay. After living in Vernon for a few years I move up to Prince Rupert and I started high school there. I got to school and was quite alone, which is normal. Then, I saw the most amazing guy. I got introduced to him through his girlfriend (a good friend of mine). I have loved him every since. It has now been 3 years with me loving him. It hurts, because I know he can never feel the same way as me. After 3 years, I finally told him that I loved him last night, and he didn't care, because we're really good friends. But it just hurts because I love him so much, and I just can't see what the point in loving someone that much if they wont love you. The last 3 years has consisted of tearful nights and slow depression. I still love him and I don't think I will ever stop loving him....


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