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      A Heart That Wont Heal !


Like any other day i was about 12 years old and i was at my aunts house and my brothers friend came in the house .. his name was Kevin And he was 14 do we talked and stuff and he liked me and i liked him so he asked my brother to ask me out so he did and i said yes !.. so After a while i didn't tell my mom beacause she didn't want me going out with someone that was 14 .. after a few mounths later everyone was telling me that kevin was cheating on me with someone i hated and i knew she liked him .. but i was so mad because i was the one who introduced them .. and i felt bad but i thaught to my self kevin loves me to much to do that .. than i found it wierd because all that, that gurl would talk about was kevin .. kevin this and kevin that ... i was out side my school for recess... and she nearly jumped over the fence just to see him ... right there i knew something was going on ..

About a few week's later he broke up with me and i was sad but i got over it .. and i went out with someone the next day that liked me b4 when i was going out with kevin.. his name was cody and he was 15 .. and than finally kevin called me and asked if he could come over and i said shure .. for what and he said well you'll see.. and i said ok .. he came over and i was walking down the hall  and he kissed me and i kissed back i don't know why i think i still had feeling's deep down inside for him.. right there i knew that i had to break up with cody so i did ..

 We went out for like 2 mounths and then he never calle me or talked to me and i wasent shure if we were broke up or not .. so than finally people were going around in school saying that kevin was going out with the girl that i hated sister and than i dinted beleve it at first but than after school i was waling home and isaw him making out with her so i said to my self its over .. and than me and that girl that i hated was all mad a espically at each other .. and they are still going out and i miss him and i still love him and i know that i wont get him back but its going fine but ever sence than i think that every guy that i go out with will do the smae thing to me and it hurts me just to think about it and im still really sad inside ..! but i wish it never happened .. but im still waiting for one guy to prove me rong that not all guys cheat and will do the same thing that kevin did ..


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