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      She sent me away to leave me


I don't know how to even express the feelings I have over my fiance's departure. Someday I feel anger, others sad, alone, questioning what went wrong, how I could not have seen this coming.


I meat Evie at a bar in New York City; she'd been stood up by a blind date. Fate happens and we hit it off immediately. She was at the time living in Miami and worked as a flight attendant. Our relationship started off as long distance, but we always found the quality time we needed with each other for our relationship to blossom. We'd talk on the phone for hours, IM each other all night. I'd send her little goody packages to her hotels for when she arrived on her trips. After two years Evie transferred her base to New York and moved in with me. A year later I proposed and we planned our wedding for mid spring at this small secluded beach on Florida's western shore which she was in love with.


Several months before the big day, I noticed Evie was being more withdrawn then usual, which would sometimes start arguments with her just yelling she's "OK!!" I put it all on the planning of the wedding, her job stresses and my being not as involved as maybe I should be. I told her I'd help put more and started helping with finishing touches. A few days later Evie called me at work from Miami and told me she was sorry for the way she'd acted and told me it was stress. She also told me she managed to pick up a flight from Miami to Paris which had a layover of nearly 60 hours. She was sorry for the short notice but would I be able to meet her there. After i cleared my schedule for the next day, I grabbed a cab home, packed a bag quickly and made it to the airport with an hour to spare. I made it Paris, but Evie was not at the gate to meet me. I looked at arrivals and found no Miami flight and got a sick feeling in my stomach. I was exhausted so I went to the hotel and found a reservation, but she hadn't checked in. I got no answers on any phone i called. I fell asleep and woke in mid afternoon, still no Evie. I finally called a neighbor who lived down the hall from us and my worst fears were realized. She had seen Evie yesterday afternoon with some guy.


I grabbed the first flight back home and found that Evie had duped me into flying to Paris to give her enough time to come clear out her stuff and probably even have sex with this guy in our bed. She left me a short letter on the coffee table along with the ring I had given her. The letter was pretty detailed into the man she met on a flight, been involved with him for past six months. Was leaving me for him,she had canceled most of the wedding plans we made a while back. She's sorry she lead me on; her closing statements were that we never meant to be, please don't look for her , It's over!!


I took me several weeks to let this sink in on just how blind I was to the whole thing. I really don't know her motive to have transferred to New York if she didn't intend to stay with me. I guess I'll never know. Moving on from something like this is tough, especially when you love someone that much. I can't go to many places anymore because they remind me of her. A few of my friends have told me this was inevitable even with we did get married, she would have left. The longer time passes I start to agree with them, but this feeling just sucks


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