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      My Heart Will Remain Broken Forever!


I've always had a dream that one day i would finally find him. The right guy. And then we would stay together forever. The next thing I knew, I was chatting with this really sweet guy on-line. Though, I didn't know that we would fall in love with each other. It was really weird how it all started. My friend just came up to me and told me that he really likes me. That was of course after he saw my picture. I just fell in love with him, the moment it happened. He asked me out but I still needed some time because I didn't really know him. A month and a half later, I said yes. I was really happy because we were together, but I was unaware of the things he would have the heart do. He'd always wanted to see me, and I tried my best. I couldn't see him everyday because he wanted to see me in parties, and I wasn't really allowed to go to parties. He thought I didn't want to see him and that I was only making up excuses. Yet, he was still really sweet to me. But then one day, he said he wanted to talk to me about something very important. I knew that he was going to dump me. That's because he stopped replying to my messages for like a week. And that was our good-bye. If you read this, you would think that I never gave him one good reason to stay with me. Yes, that's true, I didn't. I gave him reasons. I loved him so much, from all my heart and I showed it to him. I cared so much and I never let anyone offend him. I was very loyal. I didn't even dare to look at another guy, fearing he would get pissed off because I thought he loved me. But what was he doing? He spent his time in parties with some other girls. I found out about so many stuff he did when we were together. He didn't even love me. He only faked it. He didn't have feelings for me. He only thought that I was hot. Nothing more. He wanted me to be his entertainment. I was hurt when I realized that, and till this day i still worship the floor he walks on. I still cry myself to sleep. It's really hard to continue my life without him because he was my life. And at some points I thought I needed to commit suicide. But I knew better. I believe he's my true love because I can't imagine being with someone else, and I really don't want to. I just hope that the Lord has planned that we meet again. If only I can tell him how I'm feeling now, then maybe he would reconsider us being together again. 


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