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      I got what I deserved


My story is simple. I fell in love. I got married. Then I got hurt.

We met through a friend of mine that he was dating. She was cheating on him and he talked to me for comfort. We had a bond from the first night. We were only dating for 5 months before he proposed. He proposed at our favorite park. We got married not even a year later. We moved out on our own. Our first aptartment wasn't the best but it was ours.

It started when an old friend came back into my life and we went out and partied. I would just leave him alone all the time. Then one day I went to my mother's wedding and that night he slept with one of my friends. To this day he denies it. So I forgave him. We went on with our life as if nothing had happened.

Then I went out one night and I had my first drink of alcohol. You see I had just turned 21. I went out met this guy and we started dating. This other guy knew that I was married but that didn't stop him anyway. So what did my husband do?, he slept with a friend of mine. I had known this girl for over 10 years. I screwed up when I was young and messed around with her man. I learned. I grew up. Obviuosly she didn't. So you would've thought that that would've ended things. Nope. I slept with another guy and got pregnant. That is what ended it. He finally left me. I was devastated. I got what I deserved.


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