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      Saw You Once.. Then It Was Over...


i was only 12 years old.. had never actually felt anything for a guy...i was in cadets and we had went to some week-end thing with other cadet cores and this guy named Max was in my was like love at fist sight. i loved him the day i saw him.

the cadets had gone to some dance with like SO many other cadet cores also, this was like 2 weeks after the week end i met Max. when i got to the dance , everybody in there black dresses and tuks.. the only one in an all white tuksedo..Max...we spent the whole night together... i never left his arms. at the end of the night i had to go and i gave him my first real french kiss and my first kiss. the only thing that was not right was that i was 12 and he was 18..ya... i never saw max after that.. we had the occasional chat on msn but that was it.

the thing about all of this was that one of my real good friends called Daniel told me that he was only there yo break my heart. and he was right. i cried over max.i don't know why. i regret it.

i did end up going out with Daniel about a month after max, regret that to, he asked me out and hes the one that broke up Worth me, Daniel was 16 and once again.. i was 12.i thought that Dan was finally the one.. but after we broke up everything went wrong.he decided to be an ass with me so that i would get over him because he liked some other girl named Cass.the way he acted with me it seemed like i was the one that was making everything go Wong. i felt so guilty i send him a email apologizing to him! and then.. after the email he tells me to grow up.. 

the guys Ive cared about the most. first true kiss...and first true boyfriend. and then you get some guy that i didn't even know his name i gave my first slow dance. i only slowed with him cause he liked me but i didn't know his name and his friends were all teasing him cause they were saying that he could never get a girl so i proved them wrong.


the point that I'm trying to get to is that you cant just give up on the guy you like or the guy that you care about the most in your life. trust me ... if you do that you will regret it so much. i did



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