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      The Scar that sleeps within


When I was young about 12 yrs old, I never really had any friends and i was always teased and laughed at because I was chubby. One day a friend of mine took me to this party to try to get my spirits up, so I tagged along. At the party I just sat in a corner by the bar and had a few drinks when this girl came and sat next to me so I made a joke and she laughed and from there she was interested in me and after the party we exchanged names and numbers. For about four to five months me and Jalisa became so close that we told each other our secrets and everything and we spent most of our time together, they were times where I would just sit and stare into her eyes and feel so at peace because she never judged me or treated me badly the shear fact that she was being a friend made me fall so deep in love with her. After a while we go together and everything was going perfect for me as long as I had her by my side I was on top of the world and loving the feeling. To show my appreciation for her I decided to something special, I started to save my lunch money and worked with my father to get some money so that on her birthday I could take her to the park when the leaves of the trees have turn red and started to fall along with singing a love song for her as a guitarist played in the background. And then top it all off, I would present her with the grand prize. A white gold butterfly pendant with emeralds of her favourite colour blue which when light hits would shine the the words that were engraved on the inside which said

                  " My Heart Will Belong To You Forever".

Everything was going to plan, I acquired the money I needed for everything and had two weeks left in order to organise everything, I was so excited. One day I was talking to her and she seem like she didn't want to talk to me and then few days after I wasn't hearing her at all. One day her friend, Shari which Jalisa had introduce me to, said she needed to talk to me. She said " your to great of a person for this to continue", she then proceeded to tell me that  the reason I was not hearing from Jalisa recently is because she was seeing someone else, I refused to believe it and called her a liar and told her to give me proof so she took me to their school and hid me in the back of the classroom and thats when I saw jalisa kissing this other guy. I was crushed, the one person I gave my all to had just betray me and didn't have the common courtesy to at least tell me. Devasted and confused with tears streaming down my face, I came out from my hiding spot and stood in front of her but I was so hurt I could say nothing. For two weeks I stayed in my room, didn't eat or anything just sat in the corner and cried then one day I got up and walked to the road and threw myself in fornt of a car. My father said GOD was with me cause I didn't sustain an injury. I stopped talking quickly afterwards and became a mute and my parents sent me to therapy to help me but it didn't work.

After a while I overcame the hurt and moved on with my life but even after three years I am still in love with Jalisa.   


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