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      What I should have said


Its too late for you and me," since I did not say what I should have said so many times there were chances but I did not want to stir up emotions at the wrong moment. Now that I look back I realize I had the right moments but I was too afraid to take such a big risk of really being crushed because you would have done me in if I heard the wrong answer protruding from your sensual lips. Instead I crushed myself in the end knowing I should have said I want to Commit to you alone and please return to me.


Is it really too late?


How can I gain the courage to let you know what I should have said long ago.


Blessed be to those who did say what I should have could have but did not for the life of me.


Why do we allow ourselves to not be open and to put forth those before our own feelings?


Woe is me as I close my eyes and see you in my Memory.


We Laid together softly touching each other as to comfort and keep each other safely in our very peaceful embrace.


What I should have said is come home to me.


I Love you.


From the Man who misses you, Me


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