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      Summary of a Forbidden Young Love


There I was starting a new school, I didn't know anybody. It was hard starting a new school for the 10 Millionth time, but by now I was kind of used to it. Anyways, a few months passed and I had made friends, I had three best friends that were like sisters to me. I told them everything. There was a few boys in our grade that we always hung out with. One of my best friends started to date one of those boys. Then next, I started to date one of them. I loved him, he was perfect for me. We got along so well. We would stay on the phone saying absolutely nothing, and yet we never got bored or wanted to hang up. After these first magical weeks all hell broke lose. My parents found out. My boyfriend was a black guy and I, a European. To them I may as well have dropped out of school. They told me I had to break up with him right away. Always showing me newspaper clippings trying to make me stereotype my boyfriend into a criminal. But they were wrong, he was different, he was my sweet first love. So I told them I broke up with him. We continued to date, behind my parents back. We were always together, in school, after school, weekends. Non-stop. I grew to love him more and more every second we spent together. My friend one day had a party in his basement. We all went and he was my first dance. I loved him and I was sure of it. My parents were still doubting that I broke up with him. So then along came our 5 month anniversery. I had my first real french kiss with him. It was a rainy April day and we were at my friends house when out of nowhere me and him went to the bathroom and we had out first french kiss. We had kissed before but this was just something else, back in grade 7 this was practically sex! So after that things just went downhill. Everyone was starting to become my parents, his friends hated us dating and did everything to break us up. And then one month after we had our first real kiss. He broke up with me. It hurt but I knew it was for the best. It hurt, this was my first real boyfriend and my first real breakup, it cut like a knife and I couldn't deal with it. I cried all night wondering what life would be like without him, not talking to him on the phone, not going out with him. But I knew that it was all or the best. I got over him, had more boyfriends. We even stayed in the same school years after that but he would never be forgotten.


He is addicted to drugs now, doesn't go to school and gave up on love since we broke up I heard. But its not about being right to me anymore. It's about showing that I moved on and now I'm successful. Life is wonderful in that way. You fall on your butt so you can get right back up and be even stronger.


This is a true story just to let you know, you should never give up on love, or life. Sunshine will come after the storm.


& remember to never forget your first love, no matter what happened. I know I'll never forget my forbidden love.


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