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      The Man who let his angel Fly away


Man meets the Woman of his Dreams and then has to leave her behind.

Man meets another Woman and settles down only to find she is not the woman he needs in his life many years later. Man Dreams and Lingers for the Woman he left behind years earlier knowing she has given him many chances to return but he made her wait too long. Woman of his Dreams has gone on with her life even though not a perfect one she makes the best out of her life as she can. Man never says to the Woman of his Dreams a true promise to this woman that he will hold and Love her for Eternity. Man Loses and I am Man that created this pain in her and myself who thought she would always hold on for me so I said nothing other then playing with her heart but I only did it to keep the bond so that we may be together again. Man learns a lesson.

If you Love her put her first go get her and hold her tightly to your body until she feels safe again and never let go. Don't send false signals until your ready and don't beat around the bush say every true word that comes from your heart before you let her fly away far away to never be touched by you again. Do it before its too late...


Signed By The Man who let his angel fly away


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