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      A miracle happened


When I met Jeff, I was at a devastating point in my life. My older brother had been murdered 2 weeks before. We met at a New Years Eve get together that my parents convinced me to go to. I saw Jeff the second I walked in the door, but given my state, I didn't want a relationship at that time. Jeff kept trying to strike up a conversation with me, but I kept blowing him off (he did not know about my brother). When he left, my friend told me that he had wanted my number, but I told her that I didn't want him to have it. He kept calling her and asking her, but I kept saying no. One day she asked me, "Please can I give him your number! He won't stop bugging me!" so I told her fine.

On our first date (driving his cousin home) I had all intentions of telling him at the end that I didn't think that it would work out between us and that I wasn't interested in a relationship. The drive there was nothing but a few words and silence. I knew it would be easy to tell him. But... on the way back, we struck up a conversation. We talked about anything and everything! He knew that I had a two year old son from a previous relationship and he didn't mind. We made plans to go out again to a movie. Ever since then, we have been together everyday! We did everything together. The point that I knew I wanted to marry him was when he asked when he was going to meet my son. I didn't introduce them because I didn't want my son to get attached to someone who might be gone in a month or two. But when he asked, I knew I would marry him. He and my son hit it off right from the start. Jeff used to pick him up at daycare and take him to the park just to be with him when I was working! Jeff has never left my side. Jeff was at my side when I had to attend the trial for my brothers murder. He held my hand through the whole thing. He let me cry on his shoulder when I felt I needed to.

We now have a beautiful 1 year old daughter together and we are getting married in 5 months.

My life has never been better.


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