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      Mr. Perfect?


I was the one who never wanted to get married, i didint want to fall in love. I didnt want to get hurt.

Fast forward, 2006. Out at the bar, shortly after i turned twenty one. There he was, Handsome, Arrogent, Cocky, and completely irrisistable.

I'd met him a time or two before, we had mutual friends. I put my number into his phone after a mild flirtation. One week later, he called "accidently" so, he picked me up and we headed back to his place for drinks with a few friends.

The more time I spent with this guy, the more attrated I became I wasnt looking for a relationship, I just wanted to have some fun, he agreed and we slept together. It was amazing, the next morning he brought me home and I assumed that would be the end of it, I actually said " I hope he doesnt get attached" he called four hours later, we apent every night together.

I beleived every lie he told me, every one. I was madly in love and we were married two months later. Soon after, the dark side of him came out.

He was abusive. He lied. There were always women calling, there's always a new virus on my computer because he cant controll his porn addiction. The ex's wont stay in the past, because he wont let them.

How did I fall for this guy? it's a weekly occurance, theres always somehting, and yet, I still love the bastard,


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