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      Parents getting in the way of real love.


Don't you hate it when your parents interfere in your personal life?

Well my mom is exactly like that. Well I have an amazing boyfriend; his name is Aaron. My mom can NOT STAND HIM because she found out we had sex and now she hurts me and tells me she doesn't even want to be my mother.

She calls the police on Aaron and trys to get restraining orders against him.

I really feel true love. I'm tired of people telling me that he doesn't love me or he is cheating on me. THEY DO NOT KNOW ONE THING ABOUT AARON.

It's hard to stay away from someone that really loves you and will do absolutley anything for you. Who is always there for you when i'm up all night crying about what my mom does to me and says to me.

It's very hard everyone but if you have a situation like me. PLEASE HOLD ON BECAUSE IT MIGHT BE WORTH IT.




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