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      Love that's 5 hours apart


so me and my guy have known each other for two years this summer... it all started the summer before our junior year in high school... we were both involved in our youth groups and the best part is that we live 5hours as something to do for the summer we both attended a Christian youth camp in North Georgia. This camp had about 1000 high school students... it was huge!!!

It is a week long camp that started Monday and ended Friday.We were in the same family group(what the groups were called)of upcoming juniors.I saw him the first night and i thought he was really cute but he struck me as arrogant.He had girls all over him and he loved it.I cant stand cocky guys so i stayed away from him and didn't even introduce myself to him.The next day came and we were on the rec field and i turned around (for a reason i don't remember)and he was standing on the top of a hill not far from me and gave me a really sweet made me melt...but that soon went away when another girl came up and started hugging on him and stuff.So i gave a polite smile back and turned back around to the activities.Later that night after dinner me and one of my friends were heading to the room that our family groups meet in.I just got to the bottom of the stairs and turned the corner and there he was with one of his friends(and there weren't any girls with him...yay). I saw him and so i didn't have to be rude i gave him a smile and intended on walking right past him...but he surprised me.He smiled at me when i smiled then stopped me and said that he was kinda depressed and needed a hug. WOW!!!what a pick up line...but it worked.I gave him a hug and then he asked me for my name...and i told him.People started walking down the stairs so i said i was going to the room.Bout 5min later he walked in and yelled out my name as if happy to see took me by surprise.After family group it was time for worship.It was a long walk from where we were to where we had to go.But also to my surprise he walked with me the whole way instead of with all the flirty girls.He asked me to sit by him but i told him i didn't want to.The rest of the week he kept coming up to me and wanting to hug me and stuff.He was starting to grow on me only to get interrupted by stupid girls.But despite other people the week turned out being alot of fun and HE turned out being a funny,cute and interesting guy.It was Thursday night the last full night we had left at camp and everyone started doing the camp thing and got every ones emails that were there friends that week.So we got each others email totally not expecting to keep in touch longer than one message really.So we went home and we started emailing and it lasted longer than one was funny cuz out of all the girls there he only kept in touch with me. So nothing special happened but we kept in touch the whole year and went back to camp the following summer.This was the second time ever seeing each other but it was sweet.He greeted me with a huge hug.It made me feel so special until it started again.Stupid flirty girls came and started hugging on him and demanded that he go with them.And sadly he did.But it didn't bother me cuz he was still just a friend from camp to me.So the week progressed and he would come and hang with me until his attentions were demanded by other girls.All these girls acted all sweet and stuff but really they could have cared two straws for him.He figured that out Wednesday night.We were at worship and he started crying.All those girls that were all over him acted as if they didn't see him when there was no way to miss him.I saw him and couldn't bare to see him that way so i went over to pray with him.He started crying even harder and it was at that moment that i realized that he meant more to me than just a camp friend.After worship he wanted to talk to me bout why he was crying so we walked off to be away from the crowds of people.All the girls walked up and started flirting and giggling and wanted him to follow them.But to my surprise he stayed with me.They didn't like that at all.The next day his entire attention was towards me.So it was Friday and time to go home.It was kinda sad having to leave him but we lived different places.We told each other that we would keep in touch just like before.I gave him one last hug and in the process i gave him a kiss on the cheek.I didn't know what had come over me i just had this weird urge to do that so i surprised him but it made him smile.We went home back to our lives and that night he called me.We talked everyday twice a day for the entire summer.We got to know each other very well.School started and both of us started getting busy so we only talked once a day.Then that turned out to once a week.I started liking another guy and he started dating his ex girlfriend.We kept in touch but it was strictly on a friends basis.The year continued and his girl broke up with him and i started dating someone.It was horrible cuz i still had feelings for him but i lkied and wanted to date this guy that was here with me.So i did but we stayed friends.It was about one month into the relationship when "HE" stopped talking to me.We didnt talk for two months and it really started bothering me so i called him to see if he was ok.Come to find out that it really hurt his feelings when i started dating that guy and he didnt want to talk to me cuz of it.But i told him that was stupid and we began talking as friends again.Me and the guy dated for three months then we broke up on unhappy terms.He really hurt me and the only thing i could think of was to turn to my guy.He was angry that my ex hurt me in the way that he did.We started talking again and decided that we loved each other enough that we wanted to wait on each other and not date other people.So the relationship kinda started but not officially.It was now the beginning of may and i had i soccer state championship game that was ironically one hour from where he lived.So as something sweet to do for me he drove and watched my entire game then went out to eat with me and my team.We sat in our own booth so we could talk and have privacy.It was amazing there want any awkward silences or anything. IT was as if we see each other every day and that we have been dating for forever.So it was time for me and the team to leave and head back to our rooms.We walked outside before everyone else came so we could have a moment without everyone watching us.We started hugging(which was amazing)and then he gave me a simple kiss on the cheek.It was the sweetest thing i have ever had happen to me.He then looked at me with this look that just made my knees melt(i almost fell cuz my knees buckled).But he whispered in my ear that that kiss was to repay me for the past summer.It was cute that he remembered that i kissed him.Then all the girls came out of the restaurant and it was time to go and i almost started crying.We walked out to the car and luckily his truck was parked beside the car i was riding in so i got to walk with him a bit longer.Once we reached the cars i gave him one last hug and gave him another kiss on the cheek and told him now he owes me again.He gave me one of his heart warming smiles and we both left.We text each other for the next three hours then i got tired and went to bed.The next day i had bout a six hour ride home and we text four of those hours then talked on the pone that night for five once i got home.We started talking everyday again and started making plans to see each other(by this point we have only seen each other 3times).We have now graduated and summer has hit.We have been trying to make plans for him to come and see me them ill go see him after that but those plans have not worked out yet.We definitely love each other and are talking bout marriage but not until we both finish college. He has applied to a college here in the town that i live in so that he can be with me and so we can date.It is still uncertain what will happen but that's the exciting part bout it all, not knowing whats going to happen.


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