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      pain on an anniversity


i never knew how much i could cry or be upset about a guy. until i dated one. i dated this guy named phil. he seemed sweet. he was a cool, funny, smart, cray guy. he was pretty ok. i liked him in every way. when we got introduced we had like this look we gave each other. it was like ''i wanna know more about you'' kind of thing. the next thing knew i found out he liked me. then all of a sudden, people i didnt even know were telling me.. wow...your gonna date him? they were making it seem like he was a bad guy or an a-hole. but what did i know?. i was new to school and hardly knew anyone. but i thought i had a connection with him. you know? anyway. for the next few days we were just talking. little bit of this, little bit of that. then i heard he was dating someone! i was totally shocked. but then!! i heard he broke up with her on the very day i found out. well if youre confused...dont worry...u will understand. the real truth was that he broke up with his girlfriend to be with me. now let me tell you...thats kind of wierd cause we harldy knew each other and he was dating this other girl for about 8 months, so to just leave her like that got me thinkig....anyway.later on in the day..he asked me out! i was totlaly shocked cause he just broke up with his girlfriend. i didnt know what to do so i said. ill think about it. a few days later and i still didnt have a respond. i didnt know what to say. but something in my head told me to try it no matter what anyone says. i dated the guy. it was an ok relationship. he was sweet, thoughful, and kind. he was always making me laugh and sweet. we spent new years togeher and everything. i thought we were on a great journey. i was happy. when we hit our one month i was happy. its cute and cool. but little did i know...something was about to happen. on our anniversity, he went to his friends bday party, leaving me home alone. i was bored so i decided to go on myspace and wanted to chat with my friends. but something caught my eye.i saw my boyfriends profile picture and it looked a little different. he was kissing a girl in the picture. i thought it was me but then i realized that the girl in the picture had darker hair than me. i immediatly clicked the picture and saw my own boyfriend kissing a girl..ON OUR ANNIVERSITY! amazing huh? yup...i called him and asked for an explanantion and all he told me was that it was a mistake. and he didnt mean it. well of course i said..well if you didnt mean it then why would you do it in the first place, take a PICTURE OF IT, AND PUT IT AS YOUR PROFLIE PICTURE! and all he could do is stay quiet. i cant believe a guy would d that to me. i was heartbroken. but you know what...i moved on and found something so much better. i learned from my mistakes and i hope you think twice about your decisons!!! cause i know i did!!


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