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      I love him too much


I love him too much,,

I'm 14, and I'm in love. I live in Miami and i have 2 older sisters. I know people might Say I do not know wt love is. but I do, I never felt this way before. I have known this guy since I was 3. he like me 2 years ago then last year liked my best friend (i just found out). and this year he like me. he is the most incredible guy in the world, I love him so much, he is so sweet to me and hes amazing.

we have the school dance and then my best friend thought he was asken her out but he was thinking waht she would say he wasn't realy asking her out. He asked me out and I said yes. I love him so much, and now I cant act normally around him in public because I feel guilty.

But it's ok now. He never told me he loved me though. I wish he would. another problem all the girls are flirting with him but I cannot say anything they will say were just kidding, dont take it so seriously, but I do. I dont know what to do.

I love him so much. And now he is going to read a conversation i had with my frend about him. In that conversation I wrote I loved him so many times and so many personal things. But he dosnt love me. and he wont love me he likes me.

what do I do? I know you are probably going to say it's not a big deal but I love him and can someone please reply and send me help please!!!

Updated - 21st May 07

Lets call myself Emily

he found out i loved him by my friend...he said i like her a lot but i don't love her..wt d i do pls help


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