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      The little girl


I would like to share my story here with the people who believe love doesnt exist anymore, people who have lost their faith in real love and think love only exists in stories. Love shouldn't be at the corner, or in your highschool class, it could be anywhere, far or close, but it exists, and right the moment that you are really hopeless, it stands at your door,and believe me, thats the sweetest guest you ever had!


I met the love of my love in january 2002, by accident, in a chatroom, we were both there to kill some time, we didn't plan on dating someone or fall in love, I was 26 and he was almost 28, we both wanted to have fun, right after I logged in, he IMed me, we started to talk and he was asking what my nickname means, anyway, after some hours of chatting, we had to go, so we exchanged mail addresses so we could stay in touch and that was where our whole story began.

We started to mail every day, send each other funny cards and chat when ever we could, I used to tell him stories, about a little girl staring at the ocean, waiting for her prince to show up, and he used to love my stories. Then we started calling each other, every once in a while, just to see how thing are going. Both were dating other people,and we knew about it because I was living in Vienna, Austria and he was living in St.Pete, Florida!


It was december 2005, when he told me he is planning to fly to Vienna to visit me, by then, I was having a relationship with my ex,and the relationship was already over, i was excited, and yet nervous.


The days went by and he was supposed to fly to Vienna on january the 27th.

That morning, I couldnt think properly, all I did was have a coffee and smoke a pack of Cigarettes.

Finally I made it to the airport, it was crowded and I was not sure if I was gonna recognize him.


I was looking in the crowd, it said his plane landed, bunch of people came out, it became even more crowded, suddenly, somebody put their hand on my shoulder, I turned around and there, our eyes met for the first time in real life. That was the moment of truth, we finally made it. After 5 years, we could touch each other, we could kiss and we could stay awake the whole night. He stayed for 6 days and the moment he wanted to leave was the saddest moment for me in the past 10 years.


After that, we realized we became closer and we are already in love. So he planned to come over more often and spend as much time that he could.


Now, we are getting married in 10 days and we are expecting a baby.


I couldn't ever ask for more. For he is all I want, all I ever dreamed of.

Now, as I look back, I realize even more, that love exists, in our hearts and once it touches your soul, blows a new life into you.


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