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      the cheater


wellz it all started when mary went out with a boy name isaiah..he was her first boyfriend and she felt really upset because she was going out with someone datt she was'nt even supposed to go out with...they started going out..then she found out that he was going out with someone else..she was so shy datt she did'nt have the courage to even tell him that it was over..after skool he kissed her, day after day, after day.


she felt really sick because of all the stories about isaiah liking people and cheating on she told her cousin to do something and they planned to write a letter to wrote:


Dear isaiah,

   i really do love you but i just can't love you  when u are a two really hurts when u cheat on me everytime behind my back..i knew u was trouble and i should have just said no, but i was just to shy and i liked u at the time..but i just need to get all this off my u even know what's fiction from reality? wellz i'm sorry but i haff to lett you go.i don't think that i've should've said love in it either.


it was over but she still liked him..she would look him everytime in class.

but soon gave up...

but will he ever change?



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