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      Someone Help im 13 and so in love its crazy


Hi im Jennifer I try to be a strong christian and i believe thats where this relationship is going. I met Thomas last year at my church camp. I was actually talking to his bestfriend/cousin at the time but the second we met we clicked. We talked on the phone a lot after church camp and a month and 3 weeks ago we went to HYC with my church. He was there and so was his bestfriend/cousin. Well I said hi to his bestfriend/cousin but the second i saw him i started flirting with him instantly. He was flirting back well the last night he kissed me and told me goodbye I stood stunned for, it seemed like and eternity. I finally walked away from there and went back to my room. That night he called me and asked me to be his girlfriend you may all think its only been about two months and you think your in love? Call me crazy but yah. I have had so many relationships before this and never felt this way about anyone he makes everytime we see each other feel like the first that little excitement, you know the nervous feeling its amazing. There is only 2 problems my grandparents whom I live with and the distance between us. Thomas is the love of my life and I have total confidence that we will be together for a very long time if not he is the one I marry. I have so many strong feelings for him its crazy. Hes fifteen and im thirteen and he lives in Houston TX and I live in Paris Tx thats about 6 and a half hours apart how do we maintain this. TRUST...DETERMINATION...And a lot of church events...Well please comment this and tell me wat you think can be done i appreciate anything that has to be said hopefully your friend,



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