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      dnt know what will happen with this relationship


i met this guy when i was 16 years old in college, the first time i saw him was when he sat next to my cousin, i didn't fall for him at first sight but i started chatting to him and then i added him on msn, after that i even started txting him just as a mate. before i knew it he did mean differant then the other guys i knew in my college.


1 day he said to me he would tell me who he loves on the 18th of June. i thought why on earth was he saying that but didn't think he meant me. he told my close mate. she didn't tell him that she had told me but i knew it was me. even when i knew it was me when he told me i still was in some shock as i didn't want to say no to him because i didn't want to loose a friend but i wasn't sure if i was to say yes. i told him i thought we should stay as friends. an so as i said we did but a few days later he asked me again an this time i realised i had feelings for him and thought i shouldn't be afraid of saying yes and so i did.


we were going out only a few of his friend and a few of my friends knew about it. he treated me like a princess and in return i used to be the bitch and used to make him cry. at the time i did that i didn't realise the wrong stuff i did. i used to link up with him, he used to kiss me and hold me tytli against him when he hugged me. at first i used to move away thinking yeah i shouldn't fall for him. he made me stop thinking about all my worries and sad times when i linked up with him, he was SO sweet and lovable, he was my dream come true, i started falling for him and before i knew it i loved him, he made me feel special and made me feel wanted.


he used to sit with me playing with my hair or my cloths, an talk by whispering and calling me "huni" he kissed me SO gently and held me in his arms and wrapped his coat around me and him when we hugged in the cold weather,  an when i saw cold he would take his jacket off and put it around me like a proper sweet heart. he used to tell me to ly down and get on top off me and kiss me and snog, it felt SO right an i didn't Eva want to b away from him i used to want time to last longer then it did , i love him all ways.


 as time went he got into his religion more and more an i grew more and more into his love, an now i regret all the times i hurt him, he gave me so many chances  an i love him but he dumped me and is living his life on the right path while i cry and cry everyday even when i try and forget him but i cant forget him, he was the best ever he means a lot to me my first love, an will Neva die i am waiting for him to cum bk an l just dunno WA will happen with my life... i just don't know......... :'(


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