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      strangers in love..


hi my name is Nicole 20 years old. I will share with you my story about love. This happened during the time when i was still 18 years old. My cousins and I decided to went to a resort to spent an overnight. It was actually rainy season way back then but still we have the chance to explore the said resort. It was actually nice resort for it let you feel and appreciate the gift of nature. We had fun and we were all having fun when one of my guy cousin invited two guys from the other cottage. We were mad and said that this supposed to be private, no strangers allowed. The next morning we decided to try mountain hiking and to my surprised the two guys went with us. I don't say a word with one of them. We went home on that same day. I was about to sleep when my phone beep. I received a message from a number not registered in my phone. Only to find out it was one of the two guys. His name was Joshua. He was a year older than me. He started texting me and then turned out to court me. I turned him down and even discouraged him but he was so eager and find ways to search the place i live in. It was one evening when he went to our house when I just answered yes without even checking myself if i truly love him. I was just obliged. After that he would always fetched me and we would go to malls and really had fun together. But I must admit during the times were together I don't know why i had hard time telling him how much i love him. He was a varsity play. It was a relationship were trust is luck in my part and i ended up that relationship over the phone without giving him any valid reason at all. It was a five months relationship. I realized his importance when he is already gone. I actually realized i love him when his already not my boyfriend anymore. After our break up I never had the chance in seeing him. until now that I am writing this story. I am really looking forward in seeing him but i guess it is not yet time for us to see each other. I could say the feeling is lost but he will always have a special part in my life. I still looking for someone worth the risk i will take since I admit that I'm not a risk taker when it comes to love. The more i protect myself in getting hurt still i end up unhappy. it must really be bear in mind that loving a person will always have the two sides of life. the happiness and heartaches. the important thing is you learned the feeling of being in love and giving love...


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