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      Is Love Real?


Okay... Where to start...


I was fourteen and my two best friends and me took our annual trip to Six flags Great Adventure with her dads company picnic. As we were getting out of the car our spirits were bright and t he atmosphere was great so we decided we would try and make new friends today.


Half way through the day we are in the arcade and we see these two guys that looked really cool and we didn't see them until about 5:00 when we were getting on medusa. They were a train ahead of us. the day was going wonderfully so  decided to wave and they waved back. Nobody was in line so we went on again and again we saw them in the train that was just leaving and i waved again. This happened 3 times. then as we were going on we looked to the side as our rollercoaster is going up the hill and we see them standing on the balcony and we hear them yell we will wait for you at the bottom.


By the time we got of the ride we were nervous and excited about meeting our new buddies, and as we neared the end of the ramp they were there waiting for us. We introduced ourselves and decided to go on King Da Ka with them... now we met them at 5:00 about remember. at 9:00 we finally got to the ride. For 4 hours we just talked and walked and sat and waited in the line that lasted forever. We all connected it was so magical... but now here is the killer.


My friend gave the guy that was into her her number, but she didnt have her phone so she couldnt get his. and the guy that i liked lost his phone so i never got his and he never got mine. BUT a week later she realized she gave the guy the wrong number! so we tried everything to contact them we went to a nightclub they said they went to, we searched myspace for them. Its May 15th today and June 9th is the company picnic and that is the one and only chance we will ever have to see them again or find them.


The whole thing is a fairy tale really.... but now the question is will it have a happy ending or not.



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