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      Love at age 10 and 11


ok well my name is Alex. i am a girl. i am 10 Years old and my boyfriend's name is Austin Kirk. Well it all started in 3rd grade when he asked me out and he liked me. Well, i secretly had a crush on him so i said no because i was so nervouse. he kept asking and asking and thenn finally a dance rolled around and he asked me to it. I said yes because i felt sorry for him. he did not know i liked him. Well, i got scared and i didn't even go around him at that dance. He got kinda mad and sad.  But i said sorry and we were back to normal. So, he kept asking me out on and on over and over again. and you know what i said???? i said call me. he asked why. i said i had something to tell him. he called me and i told him that i liked him and everything and that i wanted to go out with him. He was like OMG r u kidding??? he was so happy and so was i. it wasn't much a relationship until 4th grade. thats what grade i am in now. Then about a week ago we started getting sierouse. We are planning a kiss and i am going wit him tot the movies. We love eachother and to be in 4th grade we hold hands, hug, and he puts his arm around my neck and i put my arm around his waist. its so cute. And my Bff's think we will last for a long time. mabey even have a kid. He has got me all kinds of stuff. He is 11 and i am 10. And thats my LOVE STORY!


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