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      stay away from me


It was the beginning of my freshman year. He was a sophomore and considered popular. I sat with a friend at a volleyball game and we decided that in one month i would be dating him. The date would have been October 12. But unfortunately that was the day everything started going wrong. He completely cut ties to me and started dating a junior by the name of Mandy. She wasn't exactly pretty or smart and to this day i don't know why he fell so head over heels for her. Over the next few months we tried to develop a friendship but every time we began to speak to each other feelings would develop. During Christmas break there was a basketball tournament and after we all went out to eat. one of my other friends had a big van and him and I got shoved in the back because everyone else had someone they were dating. We get to the restaurant and everything is good until her calls me Mandy. By this time I'm already mad at the fact he was playing with my emotions but when he did that I was fired up. I didn't tell him though which was a mistake. By the end of the night he was telling people he could've made out with me in the back of the van. We sent each other texts and we became closer and closer. Then when school started back up I found out he was again dating Mandy. By this time I was basically in love with him and he was the first boy who had my heart. He could do whatever he wanted to me and I would just take him back at the drop of a hat. Two months later him and her had broken up again and I jumped the opportunity to give him another chance. My other friend Matt was furious at the idea because he felt that Michael was just using me until he could get Mandy back, turns out he was right. A group of people all went out to eat and things were good, he even paid for my meal. We had a great night but the next day my heart was broken. he asked Mandy to hang out with him, Matt, and Lisa. They went to see a movie and i found out as soon as the plans were made. By now i was trying to tell myself I didn't need him, but within a week I had forgiven him again. This time things were even worse. We had a class together and at every chance he got he gave me a hug, he would wink, he would flirt, he would go as far as asking me to hang out on weekends. I wanted to just be Friends at first but within a month he had me again. There was just something about him. He was like a magnet and you just couldn't get away from him without him sucking you back in. By then I knew almost everything about him. He was a golfer and basketball player, he like bad boyz 2, he had never seen bad boyz 1, his favorite ice cream was chocolate ship cookie dough, his favorite rappers were, ludacris, tupac, and bone thugz and harmony, and his birthday was October 16. We had at this moment been through seven months of up and down, good and bad. Things only got heavier when he decided he wanted to babysit with me. We were in a house by ourselves and the sexual tension was high. After we put the kids to bed we settled down for a scary movie. By the end of the night we were cuddled up on the couch and he was holding me tighter than ever before. After this he called me every night and he told me everything about his recent life. I was blinded by his happiness, his smile, and his humor. I thought for sure this time that I could get him to take the plunge and have him as my own. But a week later thunder came around and he treated me like one of the guys. I broke down that night and basically told him that i hated him more than anything. I told him to stay away from me for the rest of my life because I was happier without him. At the conclusion of our eight month on and off whatever, I realized how much better i was without him. He made me a stronger person, and he opened my eyes to the harsh world of love. He will have aplace in my heart forever, but i will never be with him ever again the way i was .


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