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      The love of my life


Hi everyone! Well my story starts out like this I'm 16 years old. Well i was only 11 when i fell in love. It was a school day, an afternoon when school was out we had gotten out at the pavillon and he was there. I had liked him when i was a little girl and we knew each other. well he asked me out and i cant never forget that day when he asked me do you want to be my girlfriend and i answered him yes i guess. And then he said u guess i was like yeah i'll be your girlfriend. well then that's when everything started i fell in love and he did too. We talked for hours but my parents did not know that i was going out with him. it was a crazy life because my mom or dad did not know that her 11 year old daughter had a boyfriend. well it was pretty hard to see each other and everything. well 2 years passed and my parents found out WOW that was the day that i regret dang they made a big deal out of it. they grounded me i couldnt do anything anymore they called his parents and told them that he was messing with me and that he needed to leave me alone. His parents were just like ok!Well you know that one way or another he were going to see each other i went to basketball games and we saw each other there. Well things started to get very seriously now i was just 13 years of age. Well i started to lie to my parents about me spending the night at my friends house. Which i actually went to my boyfriend house thats when the most amazing thing happend to me i had lost my virginity to him. i know i was young and everything but i was so in love with him that at that time age was just a number. Well things happend and everything he saw each other more and everything our relationship got even closer.Well my parents found out that i had been lying to them they got so disappointed in my and told me that i had to go and live with him and that time i was 14. i told then no we are not even close to being ready for a house or anything like that well they understood me and they were like well you are not going to see that boy anymore.That's when my heart broke. But he called my friendd and told her to come see me and give me a letter that calmed me down it said baby dont worry well always be together no matter what. well we still saw each other at school and everything. Until one day i got the phone and we talked for hours and i decide to runaway with him we went to his house well about 4 am in the morning my mom started to look for me she called all of my friends and everything and then she went to look for me at his house and there i was over there and i didnt want to come out of the room i was in but finally i came out and the look on my dad face was not pretty at all. he talked to his parents and my parents talked to me and they told me if i was sure that this was my decision to stay here and live with him and everything. and i was like yeah. well i stay with him and evertyting and then i had to go back because my dad went to talk to a shool teacher and dang it was hell when i went back home they sitll letted me see him and everytning. Well after all the drama and everything we went through finally. My parents accepted him and we were finally formal boyfirend and girlfriend and i was 15 and that time.Now i'm 16 and we are still together and staying strong and working hard on our relationship. well this year ill be 17 and we are trying to live tohgether and he has a job and eveything.He is 18 years old and we are trying to get marry when i turned 18. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ARCADIO VALDEZ. ALWAYS TOGETHER UNTIL DEATH SEPARATE US   


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