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      Something Real


When i first wrote him that comment on his profile page that night 02/04, i never ever contemplated that, me and him would ever be a serious relationship.

"Are you Japanese?" i typed into his comment box on his profile page.

Yoshikawa "ONLINE" it showed, in green writing.

Less than 2 minutes later, he added me as a buddy on the website, as this was the only way he could view my profile. I accepted, never thinking that this was the start of something more...Something beautiful. Something perfect in all its imperfections.

I decided not to wait for a comment back, impatient as i was, i highlighted his email address of his profile and proceeded to ask him on Messenger whether he was Japanese.

He was Not.

We talked online for a bit, the usual stuff

"How old are you" Him= 25, Me= 17

"whats your name" Yoshikawa, Sakura

"What nationality are you REALLY?"HIM= Honki Me= Shanghaiinese Viet

After about half an hour, i realised that another guy wanted to call me up and talk to i told him i had "things to attend to" and asked him if he would be on Messenger the next day.

He said he was, and i typed to him

"Well, i guess i shall talk to you tomorrow, whenever you're on =] "

he said "My Messenger is always on, so if you need anything just give me a message anyway"


Even though i was on the phone with the other guy, i couldnt stop thinking about him..Yoshikawa. I realised i missed talking to him. What? After 30 minutes of getting to know him?! i must have been nuts.

I was actually looking forward to talking to him again!

The next night, i messaged him on Messenger

"Hey sup?"

"Nothing Much, just trying to get some of my Uni assignments done,"

we talked until 4 30 AM that morning...It was moving way too fast

The next night. 04/04, he asked me inconspicuously whether i wanted to "Be his girl" 3AM in the morning.

"Even though I'm damn ass fucking tired, My eyes are barely open and my brain is barely focusing, i would still scream it, shout it, Yell it, 'Yes'"

He called me the next night, i got to hear him for the first time.

It might not have been long, the relationship is still young, but that's the beauty of it. We both have had our arguments..We both have had our immature moments, but i love him alot.

Teenage puppy love..No, the first time i taken a guy seriously. First time there was equal amount of respect,trust and love.

Hes been through alot of shit, and im there to pick up the pieces, as long as he is happy, i am happy.

Love can change people and he has taught me alot about myself. I wasnt the girl i used to be...

Love can face any adversity....


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