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      My love now and forever


I had known this boy since I was 6 years old and we were best friends but then one day I realized I loved him and now 5 years later I still love him and I knew it wasn't a crush. Once he found out I liked him he stopped talking to me and that really hurt my feelings. I cry almost every night over him and I'm tired of it. This boy is my everything and I would die if something happened to him but he is the hardest person to love because he's not very open about his feelings. His friends are really mean to me. They say stuff like he hates me and you'll never have a chance with him and that just makes me sink inside. All the other girls who like him all try to be better then me and try to steal all his attention just to upset me and they all have some kind of problem with me. This boy will talk to me on the bus and at home but not in school. It's like I'm a nobody and it's like he totally forgot about our past together and the friendship we once had. Now I cry and hurt because my heart aches for him and I want everything to have a relationship with him like no other. The most confusing part about it all is that I always catch him looking at me and following me and he's always flirting with me but he wont ask me out...i don't understand. I think he likes me but then sometimes I don't. This boy is my dream...the boy I want to marry and have a family with and I think about it everyday and it want that so bad. I want to prove to people that we will have a relationship and that if you love someone so much you'll wait for them and that whats meant to be always finds it's way...right?. Everyone thinks I'm insane for still loving him but I cant stop and I never will. I found the love of my life but will he find me?.....I'm tired of crying I just want to hold him in my arms and never let go. He's my dream, my shining everything and I love him but the hardest part of it all is that i'm the girl next door. 


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