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      I am a survivor


Let me introduce myself. I am a survivor.

I am a survivor because I have faith and will try
and remain optimistic despite all my pain. I am disabled, a breast cancer survivor and a proud mother of two grown sons. For over 20 years, I have tried to cope with disappointments and believe that forgiveness is an essential ingredient. A single mom forced to provide shelter, clothing and food, I never saw my sons grow up. I would come home, they would tell me "I sit on the pottie for Ann". I still cry when I recall they never knew me.

Working 35 years, a college graduate, a serious automobile accident forced me to discontinue my profession and leave the work force. Three months ago, my passion being art, I created a fashion accessory that i so enjoy making. Despite my pain, the doctors disapproval, each product is made with love and joy. I have told the physicians, I cannot have my body and mind free of pain, therefore, I have opted to keep my mind happy and deal with
the pain.

Diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago, was another hurdle
along with my physical disability. I believe my strong desire to survive and continued faith, enabled me to cope. My siblings were of little support which saddens me but my sons and friends were always there to guide me in my darkest moments. In fact, I was told to write a book. I suffered a steroid psychosis during an allergic reaction to medication, after which, unfortunately, I
ended up in a mental hospital with my young sons seeing their mother being taken away in a police car.

When the staff at the hospital realized my problem was not mental but due to medication I was relieved, but my story of how I survived during my 10 days there is truly amazing.

Yes, I am a survivor and will help anyone I can to survive.

Thank you for your time...Best Regards and happy everything.

laurie cannon


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