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      Soul mates wait for each other


Hi my name is mai. It all started at a party. I was all excited I loved parties. But I mean donít think wrong like I like to get all drunk and start to get all over guys. I loved the dancing. Just then when I met this guy. I mean all relationship doesnít all good in the beginning some did but mind it was not like love in first sight, like oh that guy is the one for me.

Well anyways it all started when I was like close to buzz. I took like two cans of beer. I donít know what kind of beer but mostly I drink Budweiser. So then this guy name shawn came to me and we started dancing. Then when my curfew was close they had to take me and my friends home. But then we came up to a park and decided to hang out for a bit before we had to go home. So anyways since I was buzzed I didnít want to go out and walk like a fagget. So I told them it was aite I wanted to stay in the car.

I wasnít in the car alone. shawn and his friend were with the car with me too. Then all I remember was that I slapped shawnís friend and we all were wrestling because he wanted me to say sorry. Then he got between my legs; he started laughing and said hey shawn we should make this car shake. He then begins to shake the car between my legs. I begin to cry. Then shawnís friend stopped saying that he was just joking around and never thought I took it so serious. But yeah, he left and there stood shawn and me in the car. Tears ran down in my face and I said to him that I donít feel like a virgin anymore.

But the most romantic moment was that he wiped my tear, I mean he wasnít good at wiping my tear becos he took his sleeve and wiped my face to rough but the point was he didnít want me to cry. So then we got out of the car and I grabbed his arm as we went walking my friend caught us and asked if we were dating. I was like no. Then when we were walking on our own he held my hand it was very sweet. Then we went to mc Donaldís to get food and I had a ice cream fight with shawn. So then when I got home shawn went inside with me to get cleaned up. At the door when we left, he had asked me for a hug then after the hug he gave me a quick peck on the corner of my mouth. When he left I was frozen I mean I never had that expected but sureee.

Later we dated I mean he never asked me out but he claimed me as his girlfriend and I claimed him as my boyfriend. He came to visit me on Fridays and mostly every weekend. It was somehow very shocking when I got to know him; in the past he was a guy that loved sleeping with girls. I mean like nightstand yeah, but how come I didnít dump him? It was because he told me straight up that he use to be like that. Now for once he has fallen in love with someone, me. I felt so special I mean I was just an ordinary girl how can I just make a guy like him love me? Yet, he was my first boyfriend. I mean I have had boyfriend in the past but they have never loved me. You can say puppy love. But this one felt real. I loved his kisses that send chills down my back and the way he held his hand around my waist so tight. I just felt so in love. But there was also one thing that really irritated me. Sex. I mean he would get into my pants and try to get it. But I just grabbed his hand and said it was too early in the relationship to try it. So he just went with it he never forced me.

One day I thought to myself would he ever cheat on me? So I was on the computer and decided to create a new hotmail and chat with him to see if he was faithful to me. So then I added him and I was pretending to be this girl. Oh and I got a picture online. So she was all hot and stuff. I was flirting with shawn and shawn didnít know that he was chatting with his girl. So then I have found out that he was diggin this girl. I felt sad and confronted him about it. He then felt sad and sad that he was just macking on her just for his cousin. But I didnít believe him. I said that it was over and hung up. Later that night I heard a knock on my window. It was shawn, he was here! I was so excited and opened the door and he gave me a hug so tight. shawn said to me as he held me that he loved me so much to let me go. And he stoled his parentís car just to come see me. That made me feel so more special, I felt like a princess. Then he came to my room looking through my stuff and teasing me like omg you have like a Victorian secret panties or something like that. We were laying my bed looking through the scrapbook. Then he turns to me and slowly kissed me. Then he laid me down on the bed kissing me more then softly. I couldnít help it. It felt so good with his grind between my legs. Kissing more harder I gave out a moan. Bring the energy higher. So finally I had to give it to him. It was the most beautiful torture I ever had. Then last he laid on my chest breathing so much. Then he kissed my head and said I love you. He was still the same shawn I know.

Day by day it was a delight. But then longer it got worser, shawn was caught drinking underage and didnít have a car. There on he couldnítí come see me anymore. I was sad. Me and him lived 30 minutes away from each other and it seemed like forever that we are apart.

Suddenly on day, we were arguing about each other and it went wild, he called me a bitch and I called him manwhore. It was angrily unstoppable. Then I said we should have some space. But he didnít agree, he said that we should break up. Then with a crying voice I said ďFINE I WAS JUST MAD THAT IS WHY I SAID THOSE STUFF BUT IF YOU WANT TO BREAKUP FINE!!!Ē Then I hung up, and disconnect the phone. That night was so tragic. I could sleep but cry myself to sleep. I didnít sleep though I craved his name on my arm. Then I sleep on my bed without my pillow, because it was all drenched up.

Three weeks past, I still loved him. But how come he doesnít call me? How come he doesnít come at night like he did? Did he used me? I was curious. Then something had happen. One of shawnís friend called me, after he said this to me I fell to my knees. After the night we broke up, he had no car and had to steal on just to come see me. Because he was headed to my place and was caught half way to my house and he in jail for 6 years for stealing a car and for no license. I couldnít breath, what have Iíve done.

It have been 5 months now that I havenít seen him or talk to him. Many guys have asked me if I was still with him, and I say yes. I am still waiting for him, and we havenít parted from each other. I am depressed from all this. I couldnít eat, and put any laughter in my life. The cops found out he stoled the car to come see me, so the said that me and shawn could be in contact. I was lost. But yet he is still with me.

guardian angel: so mai took a look at her arm laid shawnís name that she craved.


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