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      I still love you . . .


I was a high school student when I met my first love, My best friend's twin sister. (Friday-4:30PM-November,2003) My best friend (Joy) invited me at their house, it was my first time to go there and for the first time I met her twin sister (Jayne). 


Jayne and I became good friends, and as the days pass by we became close. Closer than I've expected. We love spending time together and chat on the phone not knowing that we're both falling in love with each other. We started dating each other as friends. Her twin sister didn't know that we see each other secretly. Well actually, Jayne told me that her twin sister likes me so much and she'll hate her if she finds out that we're dating each other. I like Joy being my best friend, and that's it, nothing more. 


Well, after 2 months of dating the right time came for me to tell her how I feel for her. Then she told me that she feels the same way. I'm so happy that day because finally I have her as my girlfriend. How I wish that I could tell my best friend what happened that day . . . but I can't! You already know why.


After a year we're both high school graduates. We'll be college students after our summer vacation. We spent our summer vacation together and we decided to tell Joy everything, about our relationship. Well, my best friend was shocked and almost hit me with a bottle (because we're already drunk that time). I thank God enough that time because she accepted me as her sister's boyfriend and hugged me tight. 


Summer vacation is finally over, the 1st semester as a college student has already started. We both took Nursing that time but attended different Universities. I studied at Centro Escolar University while she studied at Far Eastern University. 


In the middle of our semester,  we usually fight and we don't understand each other anymore. It was so frustrating, as if we don't know each other anymore. It was so hard for me to give up on our relationship, but we have no choice and that is the right thing to do.


Its been 3 years now and I still love her so much . . . My heart is aching every time I see her, but she doesn't even know that I'm there . . .


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