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      Teenage vows


Three years ago when I had just started high school, my family took me out for lunch at a near by restaurant. While I was eating I suddenly noticed a boy roughly my age sitting in front of me. He wasn't the hottest guy but he must be the prettiest guy I had ever seen. Bright eyes, white skin, pink lips. The gentle beauty of a woman. It felt almost as if it was love at first sight but after that I never got to see him again.

A year later during my year 8 seminar, my girls school finally got to meet up with the boys school. I was very surprised when I saw standing out amongst the group of boys was the pretty boy I met one year before. I desperately wanted to talk to him but my mind sent messages that I didn't understand. Even when the seminar had ended and we had to go back I still didn't understand. There goes my chance again.

Finally last year during athletics carnival, destiny made me collide into my pretty boy. After years of searching, my heart crumbled as we got into a massive fight. After that day we became the well known enemies of the school. I hated him. But when my friend told me that she had a crush on him, I hated him even more. But the more you don't want to see someone it seems that you see them continuosly.

One day as a prank, me and a friend called him up and faked names to talk to him. As time passed the trio convo somehow became a couple convo as I got to know him better. Soon, I revealed myself and still we continued talking normally. I was never aware of the feelings inside till he told me. We have got something "special". On my 15th birthday, he asked me to marry him and we carried out a fake wedding.

But fate wasn't on my side, because not long after that, he had to leave for japan. I knew he wouldn't come back and I was right. Because when he came back he just wasn't... him. Within a month of his return, we broke up.

We are in the same school now and I still love him dearly. He doesn't talk to me anymore and only knows me by 'that girl'. But I will forever know him as Minh Truong.


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