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      Why Me?


Well you no when you find that one, well i did but i was just to late. i was in a club with my best friend Sky, we were drinking, just having fun. I went to get some drinks and there he was the most dreamyest man i had every see, my dream man.


I went back over to my friend and asked her to get his number seeing as she is so much more outgoing then me. so she did, but we only became friends but i wish it was so much more. after a year of knowing him i was in mad puppy love, but i could just tell he was in to some one eles not me.


One day me and him went for some coffie, he said that he some thing to ask me, i thourght he was going to ask me out, tell me he was in love with and never want to leave me side. But no i can remember what he said because i think about it all the time.


"Me and Sky are going to get married" he said, i didn't no they were going out. she was pretty then me and could go up to any man and ask them out, all i wanted to do was cry but all i could say was good for you.


now they have a one kid and i still cant look at them.


Why Me?


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