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i was 15 years old when i met brad he was 17 and a total hottie at my school i have been wanting to talk to him. one day brad asked me to help him with homework and of course i said yes! during math problem he wrote on my paper say will you go out with me it was soo cute i said yes! he took me out to dinner he was such a gentlemen i fell in love suddnely. my best friend told me how hot he was and always talked about him i never thought of anything she is alot more active sexaully than me. me and brad have been dating for 2 months he took me out for our annaversry and he told me that we should just be friends. and then a week later i ask him why and he told me that he was doing things w/ my best friend me and her havent talked ever since then and its been 2 years i was devestated


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