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      First Kiss ...


It hadn't been that long, maybe 16 or 17 days ? i don't know. But we were at our friend Marvin's house one day, just hanging out. It was Alex, Me, Marvin, and Vic. The boys were playing video games, Vic was on the phone and i was on my myspace talking to my friend Julia in Florida. she had sent me a message asking me how i was doing and how North Carolina was and if things were okay with Alex and myself. i wrote her back and told her that i was going fine and it was so much fun up here and that things were fine with Alex and i and i hit send. when she wrote me back, i got a big shocker ... she asked me ''has he kissed you yet ??'' and since Alex was known to periodically read over my shoulder i turned as red as ketchup and quickly wrote her back. i said ''nahh not yet, i kinda of want to but idk if he does and i want to wait until hes ready'' and then i hit send once again. after that, i sat back and started to think to myself about the kiss. in my head i said ''i wish he'd just kiss me'' of course, i also realized too late that i had said these words out loud as well. once it dawned on my what i had done, i clapped my hand over my mouth as a stray tear fell down my face. I wiped it away and slowly stood up. when i could actually breathe again i turned to face my friends who were all watching me, including Alex. three seperate mouths all hung wide open and i turned and walked out the bedroom door and Vic slapped Alex in the back of the head and said ''Go kiss her Alex'' i had already made it almost all the way out the door when i heard footsteps behind me ... i had kept on walking until i made it to the middle of the yard and behind me Marvin's mom Joanne came out and she called ''Ms Bean are you ok??'' i didnt answer, i just stood there facing the endless woods and let the tears i had held in for so long fall furiously down my face. Alex finally caught up to me and he pulled me around to face him and he put his hand at the back of my neck and he pulled me forwars and he kissed me with the intention of never stopping... when he finally let me go i looked up at him and i smiled. He smiled back and said ''i love you'' and he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tight to him, so tight i thought i would shatter and i buried my head in the warmth of his jacket and took a deep breath in. I was silent for a minute and then i smiled ... Alex smiled back and looked down at me with a questioning look in his eyes and i said ''I can hear your heartbeat''


His name is Alex Taylor. We are the best of friends and we met through Marvin. its has been 12 years of an amazing life with those two boys and even though Alex and i arent together RIGHT NOW, thats okay because i know that as long as i have him in my life, ill make it.


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