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      I was in love with my brother's best friend.


It all started when i was in 11th grade, when i saw him at a hockey game in Milwaukee. he was my brother's best friend, and he was 17 and was a total hottie. he had shaggy blonde hair with a deep tan. he had hott hazel eyes. i was young and in love, with someone i can never be with. anyway, at this hockey game he was sitting with my brother and so i went to sit with them. as soon as i got over there they started laughing and i didnt no why untill my best friend erin** told me my pants were unzipped. i looked down and i knew at that moment that my cheeks had turned a deep red. then my brother said that i should like go to the bathroom and zip it. so i went to the bathroom very embarrassed hoping that no one else had noticed. when i got back thankfully my brother and him had acted like nothing happened. he said he wanted me to hang with them for the rest of the hockey game. so of course i did and we laughed the whole night through. and thank god, he didnt say anything about the whole incident with the "pants party".

                well that very night he emailed me saying that he wanted to get together some time. so i emailed him..."yeah sure but when.?" and he responded"tomorrow morning at 8:00?" and i said of course.

               when he  came and picked me up the next day he said he had a confession to make. he had rode his bike. he took me to a meadow and we laid under the trees, in the shade and we had the cutest little picnic ever.  when we leaned into the kiss he kissed my nose. he said he couldnt see.


i am a senior now and we are still together.. I LOVE HIM SOOO MMUCH!!


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