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      Silly Teenage Girl, Right?


So I met this guy when I was eleven. Yeah, I'd had crushes before, but this was serious. Before, with other crushes, I'd just imagined the holding hands and hanging out sort of thing. But with this guy, I had no problem imagining us getting married, and I hid the fact that I liked him, because I wanted us to have a serious relationship. I knew that if we went out when we were younger, it could spoil something special for us later on. So I waited. Eventually he found out that I liked him, and he told me he wasn't interested. He might say that, but one time, we were going for a walk around this campground, (I admit, I'd been dogging his heels for about a year at that point. I followed that boy everywhere!) and we got around to playing truth or dare. Well, he ask me whether or not I'd ever been kissed, and I told him no. My turn; I asked him the same, and he said, yeah, he'd been kissed before. Then, when it was his turn again, he dared me not to tell. Well, I was kinda confused- until he leaned over and kissed me. He gave me my first kiss, and it was the only serious kiss I've had since. I'm a teenager, so I've definitely played spin the bottle since then, but still, on a serious level, that was my first and only kiss. I'm now sixteen, and still crazy over him. We both got older and went our different ways. We never did live near each other, he lived about sixty miles away from me; we were both members of a society group that has frequent 'get together' type things, so we saw each other then. But I'm not talking geographically. He turned into a punk who drinks and smokes; I turned into the shy girl who reads a lot. Even still- I'm crazy about this guy, and still want to eventually marry him, which at this point is quite laughable. It's not going to happen. I haven't seen him in person in two years. I talk to him on-line every now and then, but I never bring up any sort of talk about the two of us possibly getting together. He has a girlfriend, and we live too far away for it to be possible. But oh, that boy still has my heart, and here comes the regular spiel- though I mean every word of it. I love him with all that I am, and I would do anything for him. He drives me crazy sometimes, because I get so worried that one day he'll overdose on drugs, or get in a crash while driving drunk. I love him, and I can't ever have him; so here's yet another story of unrequited love to disregard as just one more 'silly teenager, how can they know what love is?' tale.


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