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      i`m in love with a kid


     He introduced himself as a 17 yr old guy. I was 22 and currently on a 5 yr relationship with a guy just a year older than I am. Then, without both of us knowing, it all happened..

     We met via an on line game, whereas we play different characters. We get to meet everyday and talk while playing.. not knowing we were up to something more.. well.. interesting. The daily chat over the game went to daily chat over the phone, over instant messaging.. and txt messages. we call each other "baby", the same endearment that me and my boyfriend use. days became months, and we grew so attached to each other realizing we have fallen in love.. then it became complicated..

     He was aware that i was on a serious relationship at that time. and he had accepted the fact that there's two of them in my life.. of course the other guy didn't know about us.. and we both don't care about the age gap.. 5 years? that`s nothing. until he admitted that he was not 17.. he was just 15! a 3rd yr high school boy.. and, i am 7 years older.. well if he was not on his teens that really wont bother me at all. but he was just a kid... barely a teen, who had not enjoyed his life to the fullest, and i know its unfair to have him commit on a serious relationship already... but beyond all that, love still prevailed.. we really don't care if he`s younger. he was taller anyway.. and we didn't care what other people might say..

     i gave up the 5year relationship. i was so much in love with this kid that i could not bear the thought of losing him..

    i love the way he kisses me.. i love the way he takes care of me.. i love the way he stares at me.. the way he clings to me.. i perfectly love his immature ways.. and the relationship was so much fun that we were enjoying it.. something i fail to have in my previous one.. and God.. I really love this kid..

    we are just waiting for him to come of age, then we`ll get married. The fact that he`s a minor may be a hindrance on "us" being together, but it as not a hindrance for a love that was so true, so perfect..

     they say that when you look up in the full moon and you feel lonely, there`s someone out there also staring on the same moon.. thinking where his/her soul mate is.. the emptiness am feeling when i stare on the full moon is gone..

    for with me, right now, is my soul mate, born 7 years after me.. holding my hand.. kissing me under the bright full moon..



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