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      A sad love story. [PART 2]


So, 2 weeks passed our break-up. I find out her and Nlb started fucking again. So many times I tell myself to move on. But I never got the chance to. I was happy to hear that she did that to me, because there it was! My escape. My reason to forget about that b'tch. After I had told her everything I felt, she had no reply. But when Nlb poured out HER feelings, CL has responses, "I love you too baby." Y'all aren't even going out! You told her she should move on! What the hell.




It's whatever. If they're meant to be, they're meant to be. Because I really don't care anymore. I've realized that the person I fell in love with, was someone I made-up. It wasn't really CL. She was right, I don't know anything about her. I wouldn't want to, anyways. Now that all this sh't has happened.





By: Sunshine.


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