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      The forbidden love of Zaliana


The forbidden love of Zaliana

by David Lee

Chapter One

Noticing Zaliana

I had been working at McDonalds for a while now, and had recently transferred to a new store and still going out with Marie.

I began working on graduation, and started adjusting to my new surroundings. The people there were fun to work with and joked around alot, but still took their job seriously when it got busy.

Soon I noticed a cashier named Zaliana. As time went by, I began to notice that Zaliana and I had a lot of the same interests, such as movies, games, and politics.

Late in the summer, a few months after breaking up with Marie, and also having just moved across town, I was not in the happiest part of my life.

Zaliana was a friend in my time of need though, and I soon realized this. We initiated a friendly relationship. I started having feelings for her, but in my shy, nerdy nature, I flirted by leaving a note on her car that said, "ask people what 2+2 is. If they answer 25, you know who likes you."

Chapter Two

Falling For Zaliana

We soon began spending time after our shift together in the restaurant, then outside the restaurant.

I even left roses under her windshield wiper.

However, we never took it any further.

Finally, after two years of playing in snow banks and talking on the stoop of a house, I got sick and had to move back home.

How absence makes the heart grow stronger, eh?

After time languishing in self pity and on the rebound, we reconnected online.

However, by then, the rebound already had consequences "on the way".

And although our internet communications were signed with "I love you" and "with love", and we... met each other in person during that time, our interim relationship fell apart because of another incident.

Zaliana was in a car accident.

I was worried. I cried. I saw pictures.

But this was at the height of another set of "consequences" about to come to fruition. I even tried to visit, but I ended up stranded in the middle of nowhere (and had to explain it away as going to college to cash in a meal ticket).

I told Zaliana one morning when we sat on her mom's front stoop that we'd look back on that day in seven years and laugh.

Chapter Three

Land of Zaliana Lost

Nine years later, Zaliana and I are both married, to different people, but I still love her, and I don't feel like laughing. Sigh.


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