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      The forbidden love of Marie


The forbidden love of Marie

by David Lee

Chapter One


A friend of the family had a house that both of our parents traveled to when we were younger. We would play together at this house, Marie and I.

I always had a crush on Marie's older sister, and Marie's older sister was a persistent flirt.

Eventually, it would be Marie, not her sister, who would become my first love.

The odd situation was that while we would meet each other at this waterway each summer, we lived sixty miles away. However, once I got my license, persuasion and circumstance turned into a situation where sixty miles turned into sixty yards!

Now that the distance between myself and Marie's older sister had shrunk, I had begun to flirt with her. However I was shot down. Sixty miles for nothing!

But, I was told that Marie was interested in me!

She was young, though. I liked her too, but I was older than her older sister. Her parents were OK with it, and we got along OK, so we went out a couple times.

We hit it off, and became an item. Most of the time, her sister went with us wherever we went.

That fall, I started working at McDonalds and began working towards graduation.

In June, she went to my graduation ceremony.

It had been nearly a year since we had begun going together...

Chapter Two

Breaking Up with Marie

The day was a sunny day, and a day that I had been looking forward to. A day where I would be able to see my near year long girlfriend Marie and spend some time with her.

However, the exciting day I had plan would turn out to be one of the worst days of my life up to that point.

Instead of her coming to the door, her sister comes to the door and tells me that they're moving, and that her sister wants to break up.

She couldn't, or wouldn't explain why.

"I could drive," I said, "why do we have to break up?"

I demanded that Marie confront me face to face if she wanted to break up with me.

To my dismay, Marie did come over, and we parted tearfully.

I spent the rest of the night agonizing over the loss of my first love.


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