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      I thought he was mine


It all started when we became classmate,sitmate and a close friend. We were classmate in our 7th grade till in our 10th grade. In our 7th and 8th grade we only see ourselves us classmate but everything has changed when we reached our 9th grade, slowly we became closer with each other. He shares his problem about love,family and everything that matters about him, and I as a friend listens to him and give him advices. But that was not the end,our friendship grows deeper when we reached our 10th grade. We were together most of the time, he is my sitmate and also we go to computer shops to play our favorite internet game. when our graduation is near,one tragic accident happened to one of the places in our city and the date of graduation was postponed because the evacquees use our school for a temporary shelter. There was a huge fire happened, and becasue our school is a jesuit school we helped them. we volunteered as a part of our service learned from our school. He is also one of the volunteer. That time he has a feeling in me,a feeling of wanting to be more than friends. Unfortunately, we are in different relationship. I have my boyfriend and so he is. But he fell in love with me. Then our Graduatio Day arrived I was so happy becasue at last I am going to college. As a gift, my parents give me a vacation trip for one week, I told him about it and we lost our communication. After I arrived from vacation he's the one I called that I already arrived from a long trip. Our communication again back to normal. We were together when we took our entrance exam for college and also our Nursing Aptitude test. We go to mass together. After how many weeks he proposed to me that he already has a feeling on me,it all started when we volunteered on that fire accident. I was shocked, I don't know what to say,then he courted me and then we became lovers. I am so happy, I can't say how happy I am. we were happy together. But one day, he stops calling me. Our communication was cut. I want to talk to him but he's always avoiding me. And that was the end of our relationship. i don't know if it was already the end because we don't have any official break up but I heard that he has a new girlfiend and it really broke my heart. Until now I still haven't moved on. I still love him. This is the end of my story.


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