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      The Fake Love


Well it all started at a basket ball game, i was in the 7th grade and i ahd just gotten out of the locker room. The very first thing i saw was this handsome teenage guy. He looked at me and smiled. i walked up to the stands and sat down he just went to the opposite side of the court and sat down.i had noticed anything until me best friend told me that a guy was staren at me. So i looked up and it was him who was looken at me. i never blushed so bad in my life.

Well all through the basketball season he came to all my games. Well one day i actualy had the guts and went up to him. It was like a dream. He actualy looked at me and not at my boobs or my butt. I had learned his name where he lived and how old he was. He was 15 i was only 13. Well we went out the only bad part about it all was he lived 30 minuts from me in a different town. Well i was young and didn't care since this was my first love. It was amazing. i still remember a love letter he gave me.

Dear ********

Even though we have been going out for only a cupple of weeks i have found that you are on my mind all the time. All of my friends have told me to shut up because i talk about you all of the time. You might think me weird but i have fallen head over hills in love with you. I wouldn't trade you for anything. I will die for you. If you where ever stolen from me I would go to the ends of the earth to find you. I love you with every bit of my heart.

LOVE *****

I was so happy i called him every day and we would talk on msn all the time. well around the end of the school year he wouldn't call anymore and when i called him at his house or on his cell phone, either his friend or his mother would answer i was crushed. and when ever i would talk to him he would tell me he was busy and that he loved me still. Well the very last day of school he broke up with me. I felt as if somebody took my heart and stomped all over it. about two weeks later i asked him a simple question. "why" His very words

I'm sorry I never really ment to hurt you its just that i love you with all my heart and we where in different towns if i could take it back i would.

i still asked why then he came clean.

I went out with you because my friends dared me to. they told me to pic the most ugliest girl i found and u just happend to come right into view. The whole time we where going out i was bangen my hot girlfriend that was actualy worth somethen. so dont ever talk to me again.

i havn't been able to open my heart to another guy since


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