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      Pieces of Broken heart


That's right..what I'm feeling right now is more than agony of being left by the one I truly love..I thought we still have the chance after 3 months of that time, we led our usual lives without each other..i thought I have completely forgotten him because I already had a new boyfriend but then i was wrong..when i saw him again for the first time..memories flashed back...i recalled all our happy moments..and i just said to myself that i haven't stopped loving my unconscious mind, i just suppressed what i'm feeling for him..and denying to myself that i don't love him anymore..we talked for a while and revealed our true feelings for each the first few weeks we got along with each other but petty fights are always there..i tried to understand his work even if i'm getting hurt because he's starting to neglect me..i felt as an uncared and unlovable self esteem started to diminish and i don't like what i'm feeling..until one day i realized there's no use in staying in that kind of relationship..i realized that love alone is not enough for the two persons to be together for the rest of their lives..but they should know how to give importance to one another..recognize one's fault and change for the better..because if you're always fighting with each other, you should think twice if that person is truly meant for you..i think destiny has done it's part by separating us..maybe it's a sign that there's a lot in store for me and he is not meant for me..even if i love him so much that i'm willing to bear all the pain he's causing me..until now there's no closure between us and i just hope that one day if we cross paths again, then i would bravely say to myself that i have forgotten him completely and have moved on..but for now i will try to forget him and accept the fact that i lost the one i  almost gave my life...whom i trusted my whole being....


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